About Us

It all started in the mid 1970's with a propane torch, copper tubing and some glass powder. Making beads and putting them on leather and selling them was where it all began. The fascination of the enamel as it was in the molten state and the colors achieved was too much fun! No two beads were alike and that is still the fascination of today.

Getting married and starting the family put the bead making on hold for a while. After several years I decided it would be fun to make some beads again. With the boys at an interesting age I set up in the "chicken koop". Thus the name of my company was born C-Koop Beads.

C-Koop was established in 1999 beginning with two sizes of beads. It has grown into over 50 styles of beads, buttons, and pendants. The demand for different styles and the ideas of new products keeps C-Koop growing at a steady pace.

Sara Lukkonen
C-Koop Beads Owner-Artist

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